via Don Primo Mazzolari 48 Z.I.

70037 Ruvo di Puglia – BA – Italy

Lamura Engineering was founded in 1989 as operator maintenance on machines for agri-food systems. With the passing of time, to more and more specialised in the management, maintenance, regeneration and transformation of plants for the production of pasta, becoming a reliable partner for those who have the machines FAVA or BRAIBANTI or other producers.

The need for improvement in its activities, and an orientation to the customer in terms of immediate answers and consistent operation and complete to the full satisfaction of the customer, port Lamura Metalworking to adopt its own technical office and to specialize in the production of particular units of plant for pasta. This organization is a reason for our choice of products and services by customers and suppliers.

TECHNICAL OFFICE: equipped with systems design and calculation supports our clients in the choice of practical solutions, efficient, in line with their needs and economic in terms of investment and maintenance.

QUALITY SYSTEM: the whole organization are involved in a process of continuous improvement that allows, at each step of the various business processes, to be properly planned, developed and monitored, in order to reach inside, a work environment that facilitates the flow of information, and outside, the full satisfaction of the customer.