Fresh pasta and Dryed pasta lines

      Silos and Tanks

      • Storage silos in carbon steel or stainless steel
      • Choppers/Mill in stainless steel
      • Tanks in  stainless steel
      • Mixing Tank in stainless steel

      Conveyors and Elevators

      • Conveyors Belt in stainless steel or PVC
      • Roller Conveyors
      • Screw Conveyors
      • Vibrating Conveyors
      • Vibrating Screen Conveyors
      • Elevators by Steps (Z, L)

          Pneumatic Transportation System

          • Filters
          • Blowers
          • Suction and Filtering Items
          • Piping for transport of semolina in stainless steel or polished steel
          • Piping for Gravity transportation


              Static cells for drying of pasta

              • 1 or 2 inlet
              • Modular
              • Complete of trolley and frames
              • Controls for automatic drying cycle by PLC

              Sieves pre wrapping for small size pasta

              • 3, 5, 7 stepa
              • Vibro-motor, eccentric system
              • Radians Batteries

                  Wrapping for Drying of Pasta

                  • Intel
                  • Teless



                      • Premix dosing system for water and semolina
                      • Dosator for sauces

                      Trafila Washing System

                      • For Round trafila
                      • For long Trafila


                          Lines for Vegetables and Fruits

                          • Semi-Automatic Lines in stainless steel for vegetables and fruits processing